The hassle of planning a week getaway

Last year, First time in San Francisco – February 2019.

I was always one of those who enjoyed a weekend away from stress, workload and the buzz – but when I started applying my job to my life, being a strategist and all, I found out that – it is a really sh*t task to do.

Just think of all the preparation and planning that must go into every trip. Here’s what most people would need to do to organise a typical 7-day trip:

  • 1 month preparation: planning/arranging the trip.
  • 2 days of air traveling (2 hours before flight, and 2 hours after the flight).
  • 1 day to tackle jet lag or body clock disfigure caused by the trip.
  • Several hours within the trip packing and unpacking stuff.
  • 4 days where you can really enjoy your vacation.

After returning home, several hours to unpack your stuff. And… another day to deal with jet lag. Then you go to work, feeling even more exhausted than before the holidays.

Which makes me think, maybe I should get out of my comfort zone and travel without any plans and stay in a hostel in a new city? So, yes – I’m doing that in April. Flying to the US, to a city I’ve never been to for a week.

Let’s see.

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