I must do this now…

Well, I used to blog back in 2003, then I stopped in 2013 and here I go trying again.

I have been building websites since Geocities ever existed back in 1994, creating content since Facebook Groups started in 2007, designing social media campaigns/apps before they went mainstream and online moderating mIRC channels for a very long time.

Often referred to as a “walking-encyclopedia” or the creep for being an out-of-this-world character, why?

I think it’s because I’m so dwelled in the digital world and I live by it. The minute something new is out, I try to be the first to know it well; and share my knowledge across.

Welcome to my audacious world.

Published by Moey

Inked. Pierced. Chubby. Bearded. Cinephile. Left-arm Palsy-fist.

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