My Top 5 Trend Predictions of 2020

I haven’t done this in a while, so in a summary – here are my top 5 predictions for this year in the advertising and marketing world.

#1: Growth Cannibalism

Since agencies opened in this part of the world, they have been singular in their aim: to financially grow – and the faster the better. So, they started expanding in offering different sides of the business and pile up a list of “sister agencies” – But with clients being aware of this, and the way they all “cross” each other (everybody does a bit of what everyone else does, heck – consultation firms have creative directors now and ad agencies have business strategists), EVERYONE is merging all their subsidiaries into one, one-stop-shop, one bill, one offer and reducing heads by 20-30%. By resolving that tension, the redefinition of growth offers an epoch-changing opportunity to imagine new ways agencies can create and celebrate value.

#2: Every Client Wants Their Own Agency

A new trend of clients wanting to create their own agencies is on the rise. An example; a client before would hire an ad agency, a PR agency and a media agency to handle their comms, they used to hire and pitch the best disciplines, the new trend was to get all these agencies from one group, as in example: If I picked a Publicis agency like Leo Burnett, I’ll pick MSL & Starcom. Right? one bill, one mantra and a unified approach?

Well, the new trend is ask these 3 to dedicate resources and have a dedicated agency to serve the client from all disciplines. So, the rise of agencies with that model are on the go, examples: Studio M (Publicis McDonald’s agency made of an employee from Leo Burnett, MSL, Starcom), NissanUnited (TBWA\, Ketchum, OMD), FCA (another Publicis), Publicis Emil (Mercedes).

More agencies created by groups are popping in the market, there are 4-5 new ones in the MEN regional and there’s more to come this year.

#3: Money Keeps Going Wireless

Our experience of money is changing. This includes how we think of it at a macro scale (what it is) and at the micro (what it can do). The very notion and shape of money is morphing – and so is our perception of it, relationship with it, and thus how we think about paying for things. Once, money was a physical entity – the shift away from that began a long time ago with credit cards. Now, in a new wave of change, it’s evolving towards invisible value exchange ecosystems poweredby digital – a fundamental shift that enables us to do more than just buy things and opens up a host of new product and service opportunities.

There’s a significant growth in online and wireless payments, cities like Dubai are going cashless, thanks to the likes of Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and digital banks and wallets popping in the market, like Pyypl & PayIt in the UAE and more in the region. And all you need is your face to unlock a payment!

#4: 5G Everything Faster: Internet, Devices & Data Consumption

5G mobile internet is set to go mainstream in 2020 and generate the majority of global mobile media revenues by 2025. It already is going through device war between the Chinese & South Korean, where Samsung & Huawei aren’t playing nice with Apple, who rumourly will release 5G compatible iPhone in Q4 of 2020.

5G’s impact isn’t just about faster data connection – while 4G transformed our communication options, 5G’s biggest influence will be on how machines function, and that effect will ripple through every facet of modern life.

Packages for devices and data services are already out with telcos like Zain in Kuwait & Etisalat in the UAE.

Now the next step is for governments across the region to start liberating the internet services with allowing VOiP services to function properly, we still see FaceTime & Skype blocked in 🇦🇪.

#5: Beware of What You Think, We Know What’s On Your Mind

New ways of technology are working the hardest to identify both us and features of our behaviour in our everyday life. We’ve grown comfortable with the idea of leaving digital footprints everywhere we go online, facial and body language recognition are becoming widespread, so we’re leaving a physical cookie trail everywhere we go in the real world.

Think of a car, grab your phone and it’s ads will appear… Your devices are not spying on you, they have just become too smart for you, they analyse your behaviour and usage and predict your next move, sometimes it fails – sometimes it hits the nail too hard.

There are many other trends, but those are the ones that made the cut. 🤷‍♂️

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