Your house parties in Dubai, spot on!

Absolut Gulf just launched a new service in Dubai that turns your house party into a proper one.

Absolut in the House is a party-starting service to make your house party the talk of the town! How does it work?

You order 4 bottles of Absolut (you can do that from here) and then head to this website to order a party pack.

The party pack (15 people minimum) consists of: Bartender, Bar, Glassware, Printed Cocktail Menu, Mixer Ingredients & Ice, a customised playlist and speakers – all of that for AED 160/person.

You can add a DJ + Equipment, Sound System for an additional 2500 AED to the total OR get a Photo booth + Photo Wall for 2500 AED as well.

In case you just opted for the playlist option, you’ll get that exclusive playlist from the naughty nineties till now, Megatronic had made it from a smooth blend of classic Hip Hop, RnB and more – making it your dream playlist.

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