Every name’s a story #whatsyourstory

Love this new campaign by Starbucks about welcoming everyone, in a world where everything is trying to divide human beings.

The new Starbucks ad follows a trans boy as he starts going by his new name.

The ad aired on television in the U.K. and online, and it’s part of a partnership with the U.K. transgender youth organisation Mermaids. The chain will sell limited-edition mermaid cookies to raise up to £100,000 for the group.

In the ad, which is part of the “What’s your name?” campaign for Starbucks, a trans teen named James keeps on getting called by his deadname – at the doctor’s office, on his student ID card, by family.

At the end of the ad, James goes to Starbucks, where an employee asks him what his name is.

“It’s James,” he responds, and the employee writes it on the cup.

People on Twitter loved the ad. Some transgender people reminisced about the first time they used their name at Starbucks.

Check the rest of the stories: Nicole, Cairo, Otto & Eliza.

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