Ever wondered about what the TikTok logo resembled?

The designer behind the TikTok’s logo wanted to create a logo that spoke to the stage that TikTok created for so many talented people; an app that combined the user experience of Snapchat stories with a user interface and usage that is similar to Instagram, so think of it as a marriage between these 2 platforms.

According to Tiktok:

The designer is a young man who loves attending concerts, especially rock concerts. The idea of the logo was inspired as he stood in the large crowd surrounded by darkness looking up at the bright stage. He wanted to emulate this experience in his design. He wanted to create a logo that would reflect the experience of being in a theater of sorts and watching creators express themselves. To do this, the designer chose the color black as the background of the logo to excite users for the performances behind the app.

Fir me, the 3D effect added to the logo, makes it stand out for sure. And, I got the feeling that it is a music-based platform from the music note, then found content that is not related to music in particular, but “generic” entertainment.

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