Every event is getting cancelled in the UAE, but will that stop the COVID-19 virus from spreading?

Today, in a series of cancelled events. The famous Ultra Festival in Abu Dhabi was cancelled. Hopefully the MEFCC is not. Which should be the right thing.

Event organisers are cancelling the events, claiming “safety & security first” – but it is bigger than this, it is sales.

The events aren’t selling at all. People are afraid to go, because of the misconceptions spread around the virus. This is the real reason.

Because think of it, at an event – you will unlikely catch it from another person unless you interact with them, share “their breath” – you’re afraid of the staff? Knowing we live in one of the most hygiene-inforced countries in the world, the staff wears gloves and is hygienic and checked, they won’t serve you without gloves and hair nets and whatever.

And, you can opt it for a bottled drink or a can and we can enforce a law not to serve open drinks exposed to uncovered ice?

What else?

I’d be worried about children. Without boundaries, we all got chicken pox and all kind of disease and infections, even lice at schools.

Adults should know better.

And remember, do not fall for the #PanicBuying.

There are 90K cases, 45K out of recovered WITHOUT HAVING A KNOWN CURE OR EVEN VACCINE for the virus and only 3K died. But then flu, car accidents, gun and human greed kills more every year.

So, take a chill pill. Stay clean.

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