The Middle East’s first plant-based water bottle launched, so what?

It means a lot.

One of the region’s favourite water brands, “Al Ain” just released their low sodium Plant Bottle variant, making it the region’s first plant-based water bottle.

The difference here is that the new bottle is made from 100% plant based sources, making it environmentally friendly.

So what?

The newly-launched water bottle serves a growing consumer move towards sustainability, as it is biodegradable and compostable, within 80 days. This will improve the environmental footprint from a CO2 perspective, utilising plant sources, which are converted into a durable 100% plant-based resin used to create the Al Ain Plant Bottle.

This plays in supporting the UAE towards sustainability. I hope to see more businesses across all sectors with the same level of awareness and commitment to reducing their footprint.

The science behind the bottle is based on converting plants into special polymer materials obtained from the fermentation of sugars contained in plants and used to create this material, without using a single drop of petroleum or its by-products.

According to Agthia (the mother company), the bottle has the best-in-class CO2 environmental footprint, with more than 50% savings on non-renewable energy attained.

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