Since Disney+ is now in the UK (and many of us can access it via VPN too), here are the best 12 Simpsons episodes you can watch (again)!

So in case you were not living in a bubble, you probably know that Disney bought 20th Century Fox a couple of years ago. That acquisition included one of the biggest non-Disney animation franchises: The Simpsons. Now, Disney+ the exclusive official streaming home for Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and the other characters who live in Springfield. However, which of the Disney Plus Simpsons episodes are the best?

1. Saddlesore Galactica

While this 11th season episode has its share of critics, we happen to think it’s quite funny. The family takes in a racehorse and it begins to win on the track, but the competing jockeys are not happy about it.

2. Brother’s Little Helper

Here’s a weird episode from the 11th season. Bart is prescribed a drug called Focusyn (the show’s version of Ritalin) after being diagnosed with ADHD. But in getting the drug, has Bart found out about a deep dark secret about Springfield?

3. Bart Gets An F

At the height of the show’s popularity, we got this second season episode. Bart, not surprisingly, is failing his history course and may need some divine help to set things right.

4. 22 Short Films About Springfield

This seventh season entry is on our best Disney Plus Simpsons episodes because it has a very different structure. It tells 22 very stories featuring many of the show’s main and supporting characters, all of which are linked together.

5. Homer the Smithers

Mr. Burns tells his loyal assistant Smithers to take a vacation. Smithers picks home as a temporary replacement, but Homer is so bad at the job that Mr. Burns actually learns to (shocker) do things for himself. It’s an excellent role reversal tale and one of the best Simpsons episodes on Disney Plus.

6. Homer the Great

This sixth season episode focuses on Homer. He finds out about a secret town cult, the Stonecutters, and managed to join. He later becomes the new leader, or Chosen One, of the group. There’s tons of great scenes here, plus a voice role for Sir Patrick Stewart. It’s definitely one of the best Disney Plus Simpsons episodes.

7. Marge vs. the Monorail

This fourth season episode, written by Conan O’Brien, centers on Marge as she tries to talk the town out of buying a faulty monorail. The late Leonard Nimoy voices himself in this memorable entry.

8. Cape Feare

This fifth season entry is on our list of the best Simpsons episodes on Disney Plus because it has the best appearance of Sideshow Bob. Voiced perfectly by Kelsey Grammer, Bob wants to kill Bart, and will stop at nothing to do just that.

9. El Viaje Misterioso De Nuestro Jome

Also known as “The Mysterious Voyage of Homer”, this episode includes some very strange animation as Home hallucinates after eating too many hot chili peppers. Listen for the late Johnny Cash’s voice as the Space Coyote.

10. And Maggie Makes Three

This sixth season episode is a flashback, looking back to the birth of baby Maggie. But why is Maggie not in the family album? Watch to find out.

11. Lisa’s First Word

This season 4 episode is another flashback show, looking back at how Lisa came into the Simpsons family. However, it’s on our list of the best Disney Plus Simpsons episodes for what happens at the end, as baby Maggie says her first word. It may actually make you tear up.

12. Treehouse of Horror episodes

The Treehouse of Horror episodes, also known as the Simpsons Halloween Special episodes, have some of the best, and oddest stories. The specials usually have three or more short stories with a horror them. One of the best is Treehouse of Horror VII, (season 8) where the two recurring aliens, Kang and Kodos, try to run for US President. Another, Treehouse of Horror V, has an excellent spoof on The Shining, as the Simpsons stay in Mr. Burns’ empty mansion

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