KitKat gets Lotus Biscoff in the UAE and the world goes… crazy!

Yes, the Biscoff craze made McDonald’s in some countries add it to McFlurry, and many restaurants to include it in milkshakes, desserts and more… Kitkat showed it some love too!

The KitKat Mini Moments with Lotus Biscoff spread are just like little KitKat Chunky bars – except they have a hidden layer of delicious crunchy Biscoff spread lurking beneath the thick milk chocolate.

Is your mouth watering yet? Mine certainly was!

Here’s a video of me reviewing them and they are VERY SWEET!

The team up between Nestle and the makers of the popular cookie butter spread will no doubt come at music to the ears of confectionary fans.

Meet the Lebanese woman behind this collaboration: Her name is Lara Inja and she’s a 25-year-old Lebanese manager at Nestle.

You can learn more about her and this journey here.

To many, this collaboration is a “dream come true”.

They KitKats – which have been imported from Dubai – have just landed in the UK and you can buy them online (but they are very overpriced, like 3 times the price).

So, order them from Amazon (and if the sellers do not ship to the UK, then… contact me and if you’re nice enough then I’ll send you some?)

You can get those minis in packs of 7 from here.

Go on, treat yourself!

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