5 things that will change during and post COVID-19

Many people predict different things – all we have is data and our hunch to depend on. Pessimists will come and say:

We’re walking back into the worst recession in centuries. Small business has been wiped out in some sectors. Consumer confidence will be at an all time low. Conspicuous spending will be hard – as people look at those who have comfortably quarantined with real hate.

Politically, we’ll see a violent split between those who want to hold on to green gains and those who want to sacrifice environmental protection for “growth at any cost”

250m people in the world will be on the brink of starvation.
A second, more deadly, wave of the virus will hang over us like the sword of Damocles.

Civil unrest will continue to bubble away, as people chafe at the idea of being robbed of a living.

It’s going to be anything but normal.

One guy that I don’t agree with at one of those Facebook groups for strategists that I’m on.

I don’t see it that way, I don’t like those world end predictions – remember Y2K or 2012? Thank you US media, no thanks.

Anywho, anyhow for the now – here are 5 simple things I can think of:


With social distancing (or physical distancing as the WHO now suggests), I’m expecting to see more cars on the roads, less usage of public transport and for sure a decline is ride-sharing apps like Uber and Careem.

Everybody wants to be safe and germ-free, so having your own car will ensure that. Why risk it and share? Also, those responsible will opt for Hybrids/electric cars.

Mid-range and budget-friendly car purchase will pick up, as well as applications for driving licenses and only time will tell.


“Travel” is on hold for a while, even if they allows us to fly – we are traumatised and broke, a lot of us will be wanting to release the tension, get away from the kids or in this case, the “office” (aka the living or bed room that turned into one) and wouldn’t mind a remote weekend in a resort/eco-lodge where they enjoy a private cabana/pool and nature.

No technology, no social media and no binge-eating while grabbing that Netflix 8-episode season of a new horror about the world ending in 2034.


Online learning will be the norm and students will have a choice to attend in person/on campus rather than being required to attend. Schools needed that change long ago and If anything COVID-19 accelerated in the right direction or to the better good, it was this.

Above view of mom working on the laptop computer while her daughter reading the e-learning resources on the digital tablet in the workspace at home

Home schooling is budget-friendlier and safer, schools were always the place to get injured or catch a viral disease. How many of us got chickenpox from school?


With buffets being banned, concerts and gatherings in spaces as well will be cancelled – the cinemas, nor the restaurant buffets/brunches will be back any time soon. So that f.r.i.e.n.d.s. quote is living up to its reputation.

It is also about time mothers’ stopped licking their children’s spoons while feeding them!


Over time, most consumers in with the Save and stockpile behaviour will migrate to two new ones: Remain frugal and Cautiously extravagant. These new consumers, could emerge post-COVID-19 and be summarised as: Keep cutting, Stay frugal, Get to normal, Cautiously extravagant and Back with a bang.

Other thoughts:

  • Glocal will no longer be ‘in’; consumers will support their local communities more than ever.
  • The grocery, mass, and club channels will reap the benefit of overly qualified employees who will raise the bar on the food & essentials shopping experience.
  • The internet economy will be flooded with newbies.
  • Cybersecurity is already exploding. It will only get bigger.
  • Baking, manual crafts and DIY will continue to thrive as consumers look to fill their time, experience nostalgia and purpose with less disposable income.
  • Education will need to reinvent itself around the world. It’s also way past time that it happened.

Your thoughts?

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