“Order Food” via Instagram stickers now in the US, will that happen in MENA?

Yes, you can now order food for delivery or takeout through Instagram.

The next time a restaurant posts a video of some lust-worthy food on Instagram, you may be able to have it delivered in a couple of clicks.

The social media app has partnered with the ChowNow food ordering platform in the US to create an “order now” button and story sticker that will allow Instagram users to order and pay for food directly from the app. Will we see this with Talabat or Careem Now or even Deliveroo in the region? Only time can tell.

UPDATE: User @ihab on Twitter was able to use the service in Dubai with Buffalo Wings & Rings via UberEats but with the latter closing by end of month, will we see another partner in the region?

A new ChowNow and Instagram partnership will enable users to order food via the social media app. 

“It was designed specifically for the time we are in now,” ChowNow Chief Executive Christopher Webb said. Restaurants “are using Instagram more than ever to let people know they are open.”

Restaurants must be current ChowNow clients to participate; monthly fees cost restaurants $99 to $149, which goes toward services such as an ordering platform, customer data and marketing.

Starting today, a participating restaurant can go to its Instagram settings, choose a ChowNow option and add a link to its online menu; doing so will generate an “order now” button that the restaurant can add to its Instagram profile or Stories. Clicking on the “order now” button will take customers to an interface where they can browse the menu, make selections, choose a takeout option (pickup or, if available, delivery) and pay.

The new service will be available to the more than 14,000 ChowNow restaurant clients in the U.S., including more than 1,000 in the Los Angeles area, Webb said.

The Instagram partnership will be around for at least six months.


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