Instagram, you are not testing your features; you are testing our patience

So, Instagram are known for testing their features, but honestly the lack of care and acknowledgement of a reason that spends tons of money in advertising in a market that has the lowest organic engagement levels pisses me off, and many others.

Features that are STILL activated not in the Middle East:

Instagram Music: Launched in June 2018, Instagram Music only works in the region if you’re on a DNS changer or VPN with locations outside this part of the world. Otherwise, you’re faced with muted stories with a caption that says: Instagram music isn’t available in your region yet. It’s ben 2 years. and WE still don’t legally have it.

Instagram Stories New Fonts: So, I had to randomly connect to a DNS changer to set my location to the UK for a few days to have the feature enabled for me, yet the fonts disappeared the moment I flipped back to the Middle East. This was launched on April 29th, 2020 and half of my friends around the world have it, not a “small” number of people.

Instagram Stories (Two rows): So, I also had this for a few days on my Android while connected to a DNS changer (was working on a remote freelance project and had to have my phone setup that way to get that feature running) and thankfully, I lost it since I moved back to iOS. What a horrible feature. I also had the option to expand stories to a full screen.

And these are some features, other struggles vary – like Anghami not given the same privilege as Spotify & Deezer to get to play songs from stories on feeds. Pride stickers, other stickers like Black Stories… Also, Fundraisers (which I understand are against the law here)… etc

Instagram, care to curate some Arabic fonts into your regional strategy & give a damn about this region?

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