Finally, the first under-display camera smartphone comes from ZTE

Here’s something: ZTE’s Axon 20 5G smartphone will be the first in the world with an under-display camera, launching Sept 1. Finally, we get one in a consumer device!

And yet again it’s China:

  • China-made devices tend to be first to bring new tech features and innovations to market. 
  • It’s not necessarily because they’re far ahead in R&D in the space. It’s because these brands appear more willing to take risks.
  • We’ve seen that with in-display fingerprint sensors, pop-up cameras, huge megapixel sensor cameras, 5G devices, and so on.
  • While Samsung and Apple wait until the tech is mature enough to appear on their flagships, other brands spin up new devices that sometimes don’t make it out of their home region.
  • And it’s likely the ZTE Axon 20 5G selfie camera will be bad! The first phones with in-display fingerprint sensors had cool factor but were slow. The first 5G devices were crazy expensive and burned through the battery fast. But still, it’s going to be very interesting to see if that is the future.
  • There’s no secret the reason many brands have looked at selfie cameras being hidden under the display is to give you 100% full-screen, no holes or notches.
  • The concern is those lovely displays packed with pixels don’t let a lot of light into the sensor.
  • In June, Chinese brand Visionox unveiled its solution, mixing improved transparency in the camera area of the screen, and an “industry-first drive circuit and pixel structure design” (according to machine translation) to minimize interference, plus algorithms to minimize diffraction, glare, and reduce the “fogging” effect that this camera placement holds.
  • There are still trade-offs to be expected, and second-gen usually crushes first-gen. But finally, we have it now.

Axon 20 5G details:

  • We know a little more about the rest of the Axon 20 5G details, but it’s fairly standard stuff compared to the hopes for this camera.
  • The device’s specs, spilled by TENAA, show a larger-sized 6.92-inch display, a triple rear camera array headlined by a 64MP snapper, and a 4,120mAh battery. 
  • The selfie camera should be a 32MP sensor hidden away beneath the display.
  • Who knows how good or bad it’ll be, but I’m looking forward to finding out.
  • ZTE is first, how fast the rest follow will be fun to see.

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