Samsung Galaxy S20 FE wins as The best Android smartphone of the year 2020

Folks at Android Authority; announced the win – their team filtered the devices through many verticals from value, budget, the top-tier from the mid-range, the overall best. First came a suite of objective tests, with seasoned, subjective analysis out of the results. Then from a balanced view of specs vs price tags, features, performance, andContinue reading “Samsung Galaxy S20 FE wins as The best Android smartphone of the year 2020”

Samsung Galaxy S21 series: January 14 – MENA & Global Release

The guys at Android Authority have a big leak, with Samsung’s largest store in India happily confirming the Samsung Galaxy S21 series will launch on January 14th, with availability one week later, plus already opening a pre-booking payment of roughly $27 to secure a pre-order.  Yes, that is some kind of pre-pre-order, but it’s casually live in IndiaContinue reading “Samsung Galaxy S21 series: January 14 – MENA & Global Release”

This is How the TikTok Algorithm Works

The TikTok algorithm may seem complex and mysterious — but TikTok has (finally!) revealed exactly how it works! From what hashtags you use, to your location, music choices, and even the very first TikTok video you liked — they can all influence the TikTok algorithm. Which is some serious intel for brands and businesses lookingContinue reading “This is How the TikTok Algorithm Works”

Apple’s iPhone 12 Mini is a win-win?

Reviews are out of the iPhone 12 Mini and while it is the smol phone to beat (Wired), the shortened battery life is a compromise. Which starts a whole new conversation. Not all reviews have been worried by it, and not all reviews see it as more than a middling problem. It’s worth knowing about, but it’sContinue reading “Apple’s iPhone 12 Mini is a win-win?”

iPhone 12 and Pro models reviewed, no Mini or Max yet…

About a week after Apple’s iPhone 12 announcement, devices have now started shipping, which also signals reviews dropping out. What’s missing here is the iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12 Pro Max, both models not available until November. Both are potentially more interesting, but likely the base iPhone 12 will be the top seller outContinue reading “iPhone 12 and Pro models reviewed, no Mini or Max yet…”

Google’s New Hardware Is Out

Google launched its Pixel 5, Pixel 4a 5G, new Chromecast with Google TV, and new Nest Audio at its short and sharp event yesterday.  We didn’t get many surprises but that’s not a knock against Google, given the times we’re living in. And Google’s mercifully fast 30-minute presentation did show some unexpectedly good details from the new Google TV andContinue reading “Google’s New Hardware Is Out”

and… Mario Kart Live is here!

Nintendo pulled off a surprise last week, announcing a flurry of new Mario games to celebrate the 35th birthday of the world’s most well-known “Italian” plumber with a moustache. The biggest announcement is Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. The new Nintendo Switch game enables you to race real-life RC cars through custom tracks in your home.Continue reading “and… Mario Kart Live is here!”

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