Did you ditch Netflix for Quibi yet?

Quibi is out just in time for the ongoing lockdown. Quibi, short for “quick bites,” is a mobile-only short video streaming service, available for both Android and iOS platforms. Quibi has now officially launched worldwide. I had no problems downloading it and tuning in here in the UAE, and had confirmation it’s working in Kuwait too.  ItContinue reading “Did you ditch Netflix for Quibi yet?”

YouTube & Netflix cut video quality in Europe… are we next?

Coming to you soon: lower quality everything? Reuters reports YouTube is dropping the quality of its videos in Europe, just as Netflix did overnight, after a request from EU industry chief Thierry Breton. Breton initially urged streaming platforms to cut the quality of their videos to prevent internet issues, and the reports are that heContinue reading “YouTube & Netflix cut video quality in Europe… are we next?”

Kuwait shuts down cinemas, fears of COVID-19

As of today, cinemas in Kuwait will be shut down until further notice because of fear related to COVID-19 spreading across the country. I personally went to watch “ONWARD” here in Dubai with a friend of mine on Friday at 3pm (this is an animation on the weekend, expect chaos, should be one of theContinue reading “Kuwait shuts down cinemas, fears of COVID-19”

Disney & Pixar’s “Onward” Gets Banned in Kuwait, Oman, Qatar & Saudi Arabia, Censored in Russia over LGBTQ Character

Disney’s and Pixar’s Onward is sure to be a big hit for both studios, but some major character changes will be visible depending on where you watch the film. UPDATE: As of Thursday, March 5th – both Qatar & Oman banned the film as well. And UAE airs it as is. According to CinemaBlend, some RussianContinue reading “Disney & Pixar’s “Onward” Gets Banned in Kuwait, Oman, Qatar & Saudi Arabia, Censored in Russia over LGBTQ Character”

Movie Review: Jojo Rabbit (2019)

So, I was thrilled when I saw the trailer, and I can pleasantly tell you – I wasn’t disappointed, at all. Jojo Rabbit is witty, full of sarcasm that is extremely conscious, never offensive and always brilliant. Pack up all your political correctness before you jump into this. I have personally enjoyed, laughed and criedContinue reading “Movie Review: Jojo Rabbit (2019)”

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