iPhone SE 2020: the reviews are out and it’s a solid 8/10

Last time I said the iPhone SE 2020 was good enough for most people. I can now add easily. Now iPhone SE 2020 reviews are out, and the summary is compelling and remarkably similar across different reviews: Apple’s new small phone is a smash at AED 1699.  It’s not perfect, it’s by no means better than theContinue reading “iPhone SE 2020: the reviews are out and it’s a solid 8/10”

Starbucks delivers now in UAE & Kuwait

With this pandemic changing habits and enabling different businesses, a thriving need for FMCG solutions is taking place. Starbucks Middle East soft launched delivery in Kuwait last week with their preferred partners of choice, Deliveroo. Today, the service is live and running in Dubai as well, you can now enjoy your favourite coffee and drinksContinue reading “Starbucks delivers now in UAE & Kuwait”

iPhone SE 2020: Good for most, bad for the competition

Apple’s new small phone is out, the iPhone SE 2nd generation of iPhone SE 2020, featuring the latest Apple chipset in an iPhone 8 body, and a size up from the previous generation: The big news is that this iPhone SE packs a beastly chipset: the A13 Bionic, which is in the flagship iPhone 11Continue reading “iPhone SE 2020: Good for most, bad for the competition”

Reaching out to the Chinese customers in MENA through WeChat

So, just to give a quick-background: WeChat was launched in China in 2011 and is often considered to be the benchmark for mobile messaging apps. It offers users an innovative, mobile lifestyle and business hub and its ease and convenience has led to its exponential growth and driven the trend for mobile payment. A pioneerContinue reading “Reaching out to the Chinese customers in MENA through WeChat”

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